Immortalize your beloved pet forever.

A Custom Hand Painted Pet Portrait by Michael Spano is a wonderful keepsake to treasure for a lifetime!


Our pets are such a treasure to us; they are a special part of our family. They provide us with the unconditional love and companionship that only our beloved animal can give us. Their loyal, loving, and forgiving nature, truly gives them a special place in our hearts.

Some of our most precious memories are those of the wonderful times we have lived and shared with our pets. Remembering a favorite moment or cute expression, brings us closer to them, and helps to keep them with us even after they have passed on.

Hand Painted Pets by Michael Spano are a wonderful way to remember your favorite animal. Capture the beauty, character, and unique personality of your special companion, with a piece of art that is an exact likeness of them. These true to life paintings create a lasting memory that will keep your companion with you for a lifetime. A beautifully painted portrait of your cherished pet is a wonderful life long keepsake, and makes a thoughtful and unique gift for someone special in your life.

Using your photo(s) as reference, Michael Spano can create a lifelike hand painted portrait of your beloved animal.

All of his detailed pet paintings look as if they have been painted with a combination of oil painting and airbrush techniques.

These are NOT conversions of your photographs, they are all hand painted original art work. Each one created by the artist’s hand, stroke by stroke, using a computer to achieve techniques that are just not possible by traditional methods. Unlike an Oil Painting or Pastel drawing, you can order more than one copy of your painting to give as gifts, and each print is considered an original piece of art, not a copy.

Painted Petz ~ Painted Pet Portraits From Photos

by michael SPANO of CyberArt Studios

How It’s Done

The Process

After you contact me with information about what type of portrait you are looking for, and I see the photo(s) that you have, I will give you a price quote. I then require a 50% deposit to start the painting. We can do all of this via the internet and by phone, or if you are close to Staten Island, NY we can meet at my studio.
I can work with your digital images, photos and scans of photos. If you are local, I offer a service to take the photos for you. To ensure that you know exactly what your finished painting will look like, I keep you involved in the process. Throughout the painting process I send you digital proofs, via email or for those who are local you can come by my studio. This allows you to provide your input and make sure you are happy every step of the way. By the time you receive your portrait – either in person or by delivery – you know exactly what the final painting looks like.
I enjoy making this a pleasant and memorable experience for both of us.
I promise to create a unique piece of art that is exactly what you want, and one that you will be proud to display or to give as a gift.
Photos are used as reference only, and the better the detail in them, the more detail I can put in to the painting. This comp will show position, layout, color scheme and composition. A rough background will be added if I am not using the one in the photo, and any changes such as removing collars or adding props will be roughed in. The comp is a very accurate representation of what the final painting will look like.
When the painting is finished, I send you a digital proof for approval. Once approved, final payment is made and your painting is printed to canvas or paper.



Why Digital Painting?

I have been a professional artist for over 30 years, and I have painted with just about every medium. I specialized in airbrush for many years and even taught Illustration at FIT in NYC. As technology progressed and the ability to paint using the computer became so advanced that all conventional painting techniques could be duplicated, it was an easy choice for me to switch from Brush to Stylus.
After many years of combining various digital painting techniques, with traditional painting methods, I have developed a “Digital Painting Process” that has many advantages over conventional oil painting and airbrushing – two painting methods that I emulate in my painting style.
One of the advantages of creating a digital comp, as opposed to the conventional sketch, is that I can easily modify sizes – positions – colors, and show you exactly what the finished painting will be. I use the digital comp as my guide and Paint over it in Layers, much the same way I had conventionally painted over the sketch I had transferred to my canvas in the “Old Days”.
Having the ability to create custom brushes and specialized routines in the software, has allowed me to develop painting techniques that are just not possible with conventional painting methods. I can combine different types of mediums in the digital world that could never be mixed in the real world.
Painting in layers. The ability to paint on multiple layers allows me to create realism and translucency that is very difficult to achieve with paint on canvas.
Each print is an original. Once the digital painting is finished, you can order multiple canvases, in different sizes if you like, or even custom Greeting Cards. Each will be as perfect as the first.

The Finished Painting

All of my original artwork is printed using “State of the Art” Giclee print technology. Giclee printing (pronounced ‘Zhee-clay & ‘Jee-clay’) is used by major art museums for archiving entire art collections. The giclee process involves spraying microscopic dots of ink onto fine quality art canvas or paper. I have selected printing partners that perform their services to my strict requirements, using the highest quality materials the result is a finished piece of art that is vibrant and full of rich color – and will last a lifetime.
All of my Giclee prints are made of museum quality, archival paper or fine quality art canvas, and printed with archival inks – they are rated to last approximately 100 years.

Purchasing a custom painting of your pet is not like shopping for a new appliance or clothing; it’s finding a special piece of artwork that will be treasured for a lifetime.



The cost for your custom pet painting will be determined based on your unique requirements and Print Options.

Not all pet paintings are the same, nor are their prices.The old saying “You get what you pay for” is very true when it comes to custom art work.

Each painting is a unique experience, and requires its own approach and time to create. The type of pet, the complexity of its composition, the quality and details of the photos, backgrounds, etc. are all variables that will determine the cost to create a beautifully painted piece of art.
So although some artists give a flat rate per painting, I believe that it is more appropriate to give a price that is based on each individual commission.

How to Order a Painting of your Beloved Pet

Shopping for something as Special and Unique as a Custom Pet Portrait, can be a difficult process.

I want to make the process as easy and affordable as possible for you.

Let’s Get Started!

Please contact me and we can discuss how you would like to have your pet’s portrait painted. I can help you choose the right size and type of canvas to fit your needs. We can then make arrangements for you to send me 2 or more (clear, close-up) photos of each pet’s face or full-body for the portrait. I will give you a final quote before you need to send any money.
For local clients you are welcome to view samples of canvases and frames at my studio – located in Staten Island New York.
Once the price is agreed to, I will require a 50% non-refundable deposit to start your painting. Painting a portrait is a large commitment on my part, and a deposit helps ensure that we are both committed to the completion of the project,

I accept credit cards through PayPal, and Money Orders. Sorry, no personal checks.
I will send you a digital proof of your portrait for your approval. We can then discuss if any adjustments need to be made, once approved, the balance is due.

When payment is received in full, your portrait will be professionally packaged and mailed out to you.

Your Painted Pet will ship in a box that is suitable for wrapping as a gift.

Please contact me with your requirements and photos for a